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AMAZING !  This morning, the E-Mailman brought notice that our Kickstarter goal had been topped – we’re currently at $10,815.  And it’s not “officially over” till Sunday morning !!

Watching this campaign grow over the past 43 days has been so extremely rewarding, exciting and stressful in-a-good-way ! !  I mean, think about it for moment – when you look at projects that are seeking funding on Kickstarter there’s Music – Art – Design – Fashion – Film – Theatre – Wallets – Games … the list of exciting projects that have tangible, visual results attached to them, things you can see, do, touch, feel is huge.  And then along comes something that is so very mundane like a computer and software … not very exciting, not very tangible, not something that you can sit with, play with and enjoy personally.  But you’ve done it ! !  You’ve placed your trust and faith in the value of PPMtv and the desire to drive the station forward.  This is so truly rewarding ! !

As you know there are always devils lurking in the details and small things that need to be dealt with that pop up at the end of every project.  So, if you find yourself wondering what to do with that pocket full of change – those few extra dollar bills in your wallet – that additional contribution you wanted to make to a community non-profit … this campaign (even through we’ve reached the ‘goal’) doesn’t ‘officially’ end until Sunday the 6th at 7:00 AM – so you’re welcome to keep the coffers filling if you find that possible.

As a community resource –  we can’t thank each and every one of you enough for the patience, devotion and dedication you’ve shown to PPMtv.  From all of us here at Ch 98 – THANK YOU ! ! 


 PPPMtv Classes begin next week – on May 8

Single Camera Field Production May 8, 10 and 11

Post Production class begins May 22

see the “Classes” tab above for details



Keep an eye right here for upcoming
Meet Me At The Meetinghouse events.  Our team is working hard to bring you new, exciting and ‘interesting’ events in the coming months – the Next MMATM event will be on May 27 …

                For FULL info check out the Meet Me at the Meeting House page.

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Latest News ~ High-Def Production is available at PPMtv…

both in the field and now in the studio.  Our High-Def facilities offer the community access to state-of-the-art storytelling tools. Programs produced at PPMtv now have the clarity, quality, polish and finish of current day technology.  Tell YOUR Story in High-Def at PPMtv.



On with the show! Now in Hi-Def