Join us on the road ahead.

With the hard work of volunteers and the generous contributions of members and donors, PPMtv has come a long way. We now look to a bright future of continued growth, as we strive to create a lasting and valuable resource for the community. Here are some of our tangible goals and the financial resources it will take to reach them.

Gifts of any amount are appreciated and applied directly toward meeting these goals. Let us know how you’d like to help!

Adult and Youth Educational Programs $5,000

Insures the operation, materials, outreach, and technological support of ongoing educational programs for community adults and youth, including school groups.

On-Location Production Fund $7,000

For the purchase of tripods, cameras, microphones, and lighting for use by PPMtv members who are conducting interviews, gathering footage, or creating scenes to support the visual telling of their stories.

College Internship Program $10,000

Provides for a small stipend for college students who intern with PPMtv.

Production Support Fund $10,000

Throughout the year, set pieces need to be created, replaced, or repaired. This fund also includes light bulbs, gaffer’s tape, and other small but necessary items that make production possible.

Website Program Streaming $10,000

To fulfill our mission, we need to insure that our programming is available on the PPMtv website and accessible 24 hours a day. Video on Demand is also within our mission and requires funding support.

Digital Production / Editing Equipment $12,000

As an all-digital media studio, PPMtv members post-produce all content and prepare it for broadcast. Our overall plan is to include 8 editing stations that offer a range of progressively complex software so that all members, novice to advanced, may be served.

Broadcast Equipment $15,000

PPMtv strives to build a creative atmosphere that feeds the community with a high-quality signal and current informational content. Keeping up with the changes in broadcast and production equipment technology is paramount.

2nd Floor Renovation $40,000

PPMtv is developing the 1,950 square foot 2nd floor of our building to accommodate a production sound stage. Floors, windows, lighting, and sound treatment are the foundation for the renovation. Phase two of renovation includes installing studio production and editing equipment and software.

Historic South Meeting House $50,000

The South Meeting House, built in1867, has seen well over 140 years of growth, sweat, tears, use, and abuse. Keeping her strong while maintaining her historical prominence is immeasurably important.

Donations of any amount are critical to our continued success.

Thank you for your support!