PPMtv Inspiration Awards


2017 Inspiration Award Honorees;   Joanne Connolly, Liz Forkel, Ellie Sanderson

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Will be held on APRIL 26, 2018

The third annual PPMtv Inspiration Awards held on Thursday April 27, 2017, recognized three individuals for their contributions toward making the Portsmouth area a stronger, more vibrant place to live and work.  2017 honorees are Joanne Connolly of the Con Tutti Chorus and Voices From the Heart whose music has touched the seacoast and ports of call worldwide; Liz Forkel whose  ‘Spinning Generosity’ has raised funds for such groups as Families First, Dover Children’s Home, Community Toolbox, End 68 Hours of Hunger, NHSPCA, Woman-Aid of Greater Portsmouth, and New Heightsand Ellie Sanderson whose work with the Portsmouth Athenaeum, Pontine, St. John’s Church, The Music Hall, Halcyon Music Festival and other groups benefits the greater Portsmouth community in so many ways.

And now, the time has come to look toward the 4th annual awards celebration by setting the seacoast co0mmunity to task in choosing those who will be nominated for receipt of this year’s award.

The individuals honored at the PPMtv Inspiration Awards, go far beyond the parameters of a job description, or simple volunteerism in giving to the Portsmouth Community.  Each year careful thought goes into selecting three members of our community, who have not previously received public recognition for their years of tireless service.  Do you know of one such individual who gives tirelessly and selflessly to the seacoast community – someone who would never wave their own flag but for whom a flag does need to be raised?  If so, submit that individual for consideration for the 4th annual PPMtv Inspiration Award.

Our Awards timeline is as follows:

-Nominations accepted November 1 thru January 15

-Selection of final recipient’s deadline is February 15

-Recipients are notified by March 1st

PPMtv then creates a video presentation, highlighting the work of each recipient, which will have its premiere airing during the live broadcast event, on Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Our studios at 280 Marcy Street, in the South End, have become a magnet for individuals and groups who want to tell “their story” through video broadcasting, and PPMtv has also created its own imprint with our locally produced video content being aired nationally on YouTube (Take a look!  https://www.youtube.com/ppmtv).    This event also serves as a fundraiser, to garner support for PPMtv and insure a healthy future of this valuable community resource.

Fill out the  PPMtv 2018 Nomination Form

PPMtv Executive Director; Bill Humphreys