PPMtv Inspiration Awards

2017 Inspiration Award Honorees;   Joanne Connolly, Liz Forkel, Ellie Sanderson

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                    THE 3rd ANNUAL INPIRATION AWARDS – APRIL 27, 2017

The third annual PPMtv Inspiration Awards held on Thursday April 27, 2017, recognized three individuals for their contributions toward making the Portsmouth area a stronger, more vibrant place to live and work.  2017 honorees are Joanne Connolly of the Con Tutti Chorus and Voices From the Heart whose music has touched the seacoast and ports of call worldwide; Liz Forkel whose  ‘Spinning Generosity’ has raised funds for such groups as Families First, Dover Children’s Home, Community Toolbox, End 68 Hours of Hunger, NHSPCA, Woman-Aid of Greater Portsmouth, and New Heights; and Ellie Sanderson whose work with the Portsmouth Athenaeum, Pontine, St. John’s Church, The Music Hall, Halycon Music Festival and other groups benefits the greater Portsmouth community in so many ways.

This event featured three short videos, each celebrating the individual stories of our honorees and the ways in which they make our community richer.  The event was held at PPMtv’s studios at 280 Marcy Street in Portsmouth, NH.

Joanne Connolly – Director of Con Tutti Chorus and Voices From The Heart – Joanne brings men and women together in a supportive atmosphere of music and community.  With over 300 members, the choruses have reached places such as Croatia, Ireland, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.  There, the choruses have raised money to help causes such as clearing a mine fields, and starting a music program at a school for children at risk. Voices from the Heart’s planned trip to South Africa in 2018.  Joanne has wondered aloud to the music groups about how inspirational and wonderful it is that a concert can grow and develop wings, going from a simple collection of songs to friendships across cultures.  Joanne gave the singers confidence and enthusiasm.  Joanne has created a bond that has reached across generations, cultures, and language.  An Inspiration for the entire Seacoast community.

Liz Forkel  The Portsmouth community needs to be forever grateful to Liz Forkel for spearheading the Spinning Generosity event for the sixth consecutive year.  In all, she helped to raise over $40,000 for local charities helping those in need.  Liz put tireless hours into planning and preparing this 7-day event in December 2016.  This was about our neighbors and community coming together to have a fun workout and give back to these wonderful organizations.  Liz has strong leadership skills and a real passion for our seacoast communities.  Her sense of humor and theatrics on the spin bike encouraged participation and generous donation.  Liz donated all of her time and Portsmouth Recreation waived fees so that all of the donations went directly to the organizations.  The following charities benefitted greatly from this week-long event:

Families First, Dover Children’s Home, Community Toolbox, End 68 Hours of Hunger, NHSPCA, Womanaid of Greater Portsmouth, and New Heights.

Ellie Sanderson  Over the past several decades, Ellie Sanderson has contributed her time, leadership skills, resources, active participation and generally good energy to many different Portsmouth community organizations. In example she has served as chair of the Athenaeum Board (the first woman to do so).  As an active ongoing supporter she established the Chamber Music Festival; is very active in St. John’s Church; served on Advisory Board for Pontine; serves on Strawbery Banke’s national board; shepherded the Halycon Music Festival summer programs and is a founder of the Poet Laureate program just to name a few.  Ellie is someone who models service in every decade of her life, in every facet of life, and is always a gracious presence making young and old feel welcome.  It is easy to overlook someone like Ellie because she is always in the background trying to make sure everyone else is comfortable and having a good time

The individuals being honored at the second annual PPMtv Inspiration Awards, go far beyond the parameters of a job description, or simple volunteerism in giving to the Portsmouth Community.  Careful thought went into selecting these three members of our community, who have not previously received public recognition for their years of tireless service.   PPMtv is creating a short video presentation, highlighting the work of each recipient, which will have its premiere airing during the live broadcast event, on Thursday, April 27.

Our studios at 280 Marcy Street, in the South End, have become a magnet for individuals and groups who want to tell “their story” through video broadcasting, and PPMtv has also created it’s own imprint with our locally produced video content being aired nationally on YouTube (Take a look!  https://www.youtube.com/ppmtv).    This event also serves as a fundraiser, to garner support for PPMtv and insure a healthy future of this valuable community resource.

PPMtv Executive Director; Bill Humphreys