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We broadcast homegrown content created right here in the Seacoast community. These PPMtv Member-produced shows are the heart and soul of our station. We’re proud to share these stories, thoughts, and creative visions.

Here are some of our regular favorites:

Priority OnePriority One

Start your morning off right with PPMtv’s longest running program. Get your blood pumping every day with certified aerobic instructor Alexis Mason. From low-impact exercises for seniors (“Getting Started”) to intense martial-arts cardio programs (“Cardio”), 30 minutes with Alexis is sure to add years to your life.

Mon through Fri – 8:30am

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Chef’s Day Off

Host, Kathleen Somssich, invites the best chefs of the seacoast to show us what they like to cook for their families and friends and on their days off!  Grab your fork.

Produced by PPMtv member, Tony Cappasso, and Cranky Old Goat Productions.

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Clipper News ReportLOGOCARD-CNR

Portsmouth High School’s only weekly, publicly televised media program. Catch local and school news, sports reports, local weather, and miscellaneous hi-jinx. Made every week by PHS students under the guidance and supervision of PPMtv’s Executive Director, Bill Humphreys. Written, taped, and edited right here at PPMtv’s studios!

Intuition Nutrition w/ Jennifer Hillintnut

Join host Jennifer Hill as she guides you through healthy and nutritious ways to approach your life. Each episode contains an easy-to-make recipe, simple yoga exercises, and discussion with guests from a variety of health and wellness related fields.

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The Power of One 
Power of One

The Power of One includes thoughtful reminders and stirring guest interviews with author and artist Roxie J. Zwicker. Be the wholly fulfilled, inspired, powerful person you are meant to be! Roxie and her guests share fascinating personal stories and exercises of empowerment and inspiration in the hopes of helping you become motivated and passionate about who you are and what you can accomplish.

Mon, Wed, Fri – 8pm

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Don’t Dis My Ability
Don't Dis My Ability

For and about people living with disabilities and for those who love and care for them.  Currently hosted by Ronnie Tomanio, Pamela Sollenberger, and Lee Harvey.  This unique and popular program features guests who are either disabled or guests that provide services to those living with disabilities.  A wide variety of topics are covered.

Sun – 2pm, Tue – 3:30pm,
Wed – 9pm,   Sat – 5pm

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True Talestruetales

Local people tell their personal experiences in a short story format in front of a live audience.  Humor, drama, and adventure are all part of these True Tales.

Tue  & Thu – 8pm
Sat – 1pm

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Stay Tunedstaytuned

Hosted by Shawn Henderson –  comfy chats and casual  interviews with Seacoast musicians.   Sit back and enjoy their in-studio performances, too!   Music lovers dream.

Fri  9pm




The Catholic Mass HourLOGOCARD-CatholicMass

The Reverend Gary Belliveau’s weekly Sunday Mass from Corpus Christi Parish, right here in Portsmouth.

Sun – 10am
Tue & Thu – 7pm 



Bethany Churchbethany

Celebrate a weekly worship service with Greenland’s own Bethany Church.

“If you are looking for a church that is done playing religion, and is ready to get its hands dirty in learning to grow and serve the world,
then please come and experience the journey with us.”

Sun – 8:30am & 4:30pm
Tue – 4:30pm

The Robin Fowler Show

The Robin Fowler Show

Small town cable access talk-show host Robin has a hard time keeping everything together: his guests, the production crew, his own thoughts… Can’t sleep? Tune into this late night comedy talk show (…of sorts). Featuring zany characters, sketch comedy, music, and improvisation.

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Spotlight on the Arts


PPMtv’s own Bill Humphreys goes one on one with the previous Spotlight on the Arts Award winners. Visual artists, chefs, actors, musicians, and media makers enter the PPMtv studios for a probing, inspiring, and informative half hour. A fantastic snapshot of who is doing what on the Seacoast.  Enjoy past episodes on PPMtv YouTube Playlist.

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